Secrets of Tensioned Membrane Structures Revealed

Tensioned Membrane Structures

Some would consider on these fabric structures as tents, truth is, they aren’t. Over 30 years of research and development, these tensioned membrane structures have been widely used in some industries. It has provided them quality and effective building structure that enables them to meet their business needs. It is highly engineered to withstand the elements of weather such as strong winds and a heavy load of snow piled up on its roof. Its architectural structure made it stand out and distinctive from the common brick and wall buildings.

Businesses prefer to order this type of building because of its advantages. Although buildings can be built resistant to fire, tensioned membrane structures are built with quality materials and specialized membrane that could meet all the building requirements and this include its resistance to flame.


Constructing an event center may take a period of time. Not to mention, the budget the business has to set aside to make the construction possible. Say for a business that plans to have a project built with a budget of $20 million within a shorter period of time. It is preferable to select a team that could construct a structure that can hold an event in a span of time at a low cost. Since tensioned membrane structures have its unique way of building the construction, it can be made possible in three months. In addition, these materials provide excellent for soundproofing just like a typical brick and wall building where only a little sound can be heard from external sources such as heavy rain and strong winds. All these standard building requirements can be met with quality and speed. You can just imagine how fast a fabric building team can construct. They can complete a permanently insulated structure up to 1,000 square foot per day.


Say for an Olympic sized swimming pool that needs to be enclosed for reasons and factors. These fabric structures can be put up anywhere the business wanted it. That even a 50 meter swimming pool can be covered. In addition, it can cover a thousand people seating watching and cheering and supporting their athletes. It is available from 30-200 feet and in any length. Its design is easier to create since these are made of strong and elastic material. Its flexibility made it different and unique. Businesses are able to choose colors for the material to be used. Buildings can be illuminated by the sunshine doors. It enables the structure to increase the level of daylight and cross ventilation. Also, these structures can be designed to be permanent else, can be transported should the business needs it.


Lastly, these tensioned membrane structures allow the business to save. Fabric building looks upon the long term expenses. These structures are designed to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. This way, energy expenses will be lowered. Its climate controlled system allows less use of heaters and air conditioners.

Fabric buildings are engineered to speed up construction, lower the project cost and reduce the operating expenses.

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