Fabric Structures for Your Warehouse

Fabric StructureYou have perhaps seen the beautiful fabric canopies of the shopping mall terraces and office buildings and wondered how this relatively new kind of material has been quickly gaining a huge popularity. Fabric structures vastly vary from the other forms of building materials. Their versatility in shape and light weight and structure provides a wide and unique range of an exciting and dynamic three-dimensional options. A fabric structure’s proper design, material selection, fabrication, engineering, and installation work together to guarantee a sound structure. The role of the material in the performance of the structure makes the selection process undoubtedly equally important.

Fabric buildings can offer great advantages for your warehouse and other bulk storage needs. As compared to a conventional construction or metal buildings, clear span structures are the more preferred alternative. And below are some of the reasons why fabric buildings are the most responsible and best choice for your warehouse needs.

Clear Span Space
Fabric structures offer a clearer span clearance compared to any other structures. Steel truss beams provide an adequate height for loaders, forklifts, and other heavy equipment. There are no wood beams to damage and poles to navigate around.

Low Cost Foundation System
Fabric buildings are some of the most versatile structures available on the market today. Buildings can now be installed on almost any kind of surface. Whether it is concrete, asphalt, posts, steel beams, sea  containers, or even in some dirt and gravel.

Build To Last

Quick Installation
Metal buildings and conventional construction usually take a minimum of six months or even longer just to manufacture and construct. But fabric buildings can be manufactured in just four to seven weeks and can be installed typically within 2-3 weeks. And this is less than 12 weeks from order to completion. This is a clear advantage on the part of fabric buildings over other construction.

Low Maintenance
Fabric structures for warehousing is one of the easiest structures to maintain on the market. Given an annual recommended checklist, it can be completed in just a few hours every year. This is a fraction of time compared to conventional and metal buildings.

Fabric architecture does not only cover complex tensioned membrane structures through fabric engineering, but also the unique and beautiful fabric sculptures and shade structures. Additionally, fabric structures are often used as a cost-effective solution to provide shelter and shade. An additional bonus is that they are festive in nature and can even be used for temporary or permanent applications. The cost and beauty of these structures are in the material choices and details.

Consulting engineers, designers, architects, and clients all have varied ideas about how fabric structures and all the other details should look, but might not know the subsequent cost. Consult with a design professional and surely you would save thousands of dollars. The current trend in the industry is working in close collaboration with the engineer, designer, manufacturer, and contractor to have the most cost-effective solution not just for a warehouse but for other business purposes and uses as well.

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