Sports Building: Choosing a Fabric Structure Rather than an Air Dome

Hockey ArenasThere are now sprung hockey arenas that are available for those who want to enjoy indoor games inside of a structure that’s unique. This has become another alternative to permanent buildings for sports teams. Back then, there were some that used air domes as an area wherein they can play a particular sport. It provides shelter in a faster and more economical means. However a fabric structure has features that are different – but better – than that of an air dome. An air dome is supported by air and it’s not even close when it comes to overall quality and even appeal compared to fabric buildings.

The structure of fabric buildings and its durability aren’t the only things that make it unique. An air dome is slightly cheaper compared to fabric buildings, but it needs special air circulation system to maintain air pressure. This is done to maintain the air pressure so that the air dome remains inflated. Without the air pressure, the dome will not form correctly. A fabric building can save energy from the supposed air pressure. Other than that, there are also different reasons why you should choose a fabric building instead of an air dome.

The natural atmosphere

An air dome can be used in a variety of ways, including being a sports arena. But, it would require general lighting for it to be bright inside. It is a great alternative to permanent buildings, but you have to use tons of energy because it would require a lot of lights. A fabric structure has a more natural atmosphere; which means that you do not need much lighting to make the place brighter. It is ideal because the lighting inside of the structure is natural. It can alter the mood of people that are found inside. When talking about lighting, the same can’t be said about air domes. Fabric structures brighten up if it is directly hit by sunlight. It’s an ideal venue for different sports, like basketball, hockey, tennis and swimming.

The sound isn’t altered

If you go inside of an air dome, there’s a tendency that the sound bounces from side to side. There are a lot of echoes, which makes it difficult at times to watch the game. With fabric buildings, you get a material that can absorb sound. You will not hear any irritating echoes that can affect your viewing experience. The walls of the structure are also hardwearing, which provides effective protection like that of wood, metal or brick. The sound is not altered no matter how big or small the structure is. When heavy rain is falling, the sound will no be heard from the inside because of the superb acoustics. It spares you from unnecessary noise while the game is being played.

It offers maximum protection

Nowadays, there’s no telling what the condition of the weather will be. The equipment that are found inside of the arena should be protected prior to the game. The same also goes for people that are found inside of the arena. They must be free from harm while the games are being played. There’s no guarantee that an air dome will not cave in. Just imagine yourself trapped inside of a deflated air dome. Yikes! That’s not really the sight that’s worth watching. With fabric buildings, you are sure that nothing wrong can happen to the structure because it’s more durable.

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